Soul Aquatics!

It started out as a few friends getting together at our house. We had such a good time, we did it again and again and eventually, it became bigger than our living became Soul Aquatics. Check us out, check out the videos and get at us!

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What is Soul Aquatics?

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Soul Aquatics is Philadelphia’s original freestyle jam session. What we do is very simple. We invite a bunch of talented musicians, MC’s, poets, singers, DJ’s and whatever else we can find, throw them into a room or venue of our choosing and watch the magic happen.

Ok, it’s not that simple, but what happens is very magical. Soul Aquatics is a night where polished musicians and budding performers get together to share rehearsed music and to improvise new stuff. We’ve been lucky enough to share the stage with talented musicians from all around the world in Philadelphia and Washington DC.

For more info, check out our ABOUT section, and check out our videos below to see some of the performances.


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Warren Longmire

Soul Aquatics DC!

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