It started out as a few friends getting together at our house. We had such a good time, we did it again and again and eventually, it became bigger than our living room...it became Soul Aquatics. Check us out, check out the videos and get at us!

What we're all about

Soul Aquatics is the first and only freestyle jam session. Musicians and artists of all types come out to participate in the unique and organic experience. It’s a one of a kind event that if you haven’t experienced, you’ve been missing out!

Soul Aquatics was started by then college roommates Kepa Freeman and Rashid Zakat. Both being musicians themselves, Kepa being a classically trained pianist and song writer, and Rashid fiddling around on his computer, planned a night where they would get together and lock themselves in a room and make music all night. They invited a few friends over for it and what came out was Soul Aquatics. A fusion of rehearsed music, and and improvised jam sessions. Many of the musicians not ever knowing or playing with each other prior to the night, meant the songs would have an unexpected twist or flair to them that the musicians couldn’t have anticipated.

They continued to have jam sessions in their living room, with each sessions getting bigger than the last until their living room wasn’t large enough to hold the crowd they were bringing out, so they began branching out to venues. First to Washington DC, then to venues in Philadelphia.

Soul Aquatics has been hosted at Eternal Life in DC, The Asian Arts Initiative and most recently World Cafe Live. They have been featured in Philadelphia’s City Paper and The Inquirer for their jam sessions as well as countless blogs. Soul Aquatics has attracted talent from the entire country as well as from abroad.

With every sessions, the Soul Aquatics family has grown and grown into a group of talented musicians, visual artists, filmmakers, promoters, writers, photographers and more!

Dope People

Rashid Zakat

Rashid Zakat is a filmmaker, photographer and the co-founder and host of Soul Aquatics. He enjoys bike rides and bad jokes.


Devin Anderson

Devin "Dizzy" Anderson is a multi-talented pianist, MC, producer and owns Fire Productions, a top notch recording studio. Check him out to hear his music.



Pyrodesiak is an international DJ/Production duo, half from Norway, half from Nigeria. They spin everything from house to Bhangra. Check out their sounds.


Y? Arcka

Y? Arcka is an unconventional super producer in Philadelphia. Check out his beats and his debut album "The Unheard". More>>

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